Fix Camera Issues on Chrome OS

1. Restart your computer

This is the quintessential troubleshooting method. Often times, this is all that’s needed to fix a problem.

2. Open the Camera app

Opening the Camera app allows us to see if the problem is with your browser accessing the camera or if the issue is with the system. If the Camera app itself is unable to access the camera, there may be physical damage. In this case, we recommend you contact an AHS tech support staff.

First, click on the circle icon on the left of the shelf to open the launcher.

Type in “camera” and select the Camera icon that appears.

This will open the Camera app. If the app opens and shows the view of your camera, the issue is likely with your browser. If it fails to open or does not show the view of your camera, it is likely a hardware issue and should be taken care of by AHS support staff.

3. Check browser settings

If the Camera app works correctly, the issue may lie with the browser failing to access the camera.

First, open Chrome. Click on the three dots in the top right corner and choose Settings.

Navigate to Privacy and security > Site Settings

Click on Camera

Make sure:

  • The right camera is selected in the drop-down list, although there should only be one. On the school-issued model of Chromebook, the camera is called Front Camera User-facing.
  • Ask before accessing is turned on
  • The site you’re using is listed under Allow

4. Next Steps

Hopefully, one of these steps helped you fix the problem or narrow it down. If you need further assistance, visit the Contact page and fill out the form. A student will get in touch with you and help solve the issue.

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