Fix Microphone Issues on Chrome OS

1. Restart your computer

This is the quintessential troubleshooting method. Often times, this is all that’s needed to fix a problem.

2. Open the Camera app

Opening the Camera app and recording a video allows us to see if the problem is with your browser accessing the microphone or if the issue is with the system. If the Camera app itself is unable to access the microphone, there may be physical damage. In this case, we recommend you contact an AHS tech support staff.

First, click on the circle icon on the left of the shelf to open the launcher.

Type in “camera” and select the Camera icon that appears.

This will open the Camera app. First, set the camera mode on the right to Video, not Photo or Square.

Next, make sure the app is set to record audio. To do this, make sure the microphone icon in the top right isn’t crossed out.

Finally, press the round button with the red circle to start recording, and make some noise. Press the round button again to stop the recording.

An icon should pop up in the bottom right showing the video you just recorded. Click on that icon to watch the video. Make sure your volume is turned up when you do this.

If you can’t hear any sound, there is probably a physical issue with your microphone. If you are using a school-issued Chromebook, we recommend getting in touch with AHS tech staff to get your laptop repaired or replaced.

3. Chrome settings

If you are able to hear sound in the video, that means your microphone is working, and the issue probably lies with your browser accessing it. Open Chrome to fix this.

Click on the three dots in the top right corner, and navigate to Settings

Navigate to Privacy and security > Site Settings

Click on Microphone

Make sure:

  • The right sound device is selected in the drop-down list. On the school-issued Chromebooks, the microphone is named Internal Mic.
  • Ask before accessing is turned on
  • The site you’re using is listed under Allow

4. Next steps

If none of these steps solved your problem, please reach out to our specialists on the Contact page to get personalized support.

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