Better Understanding Canvas

Canvas is a popular online learning platform that is often used as an alternative to Google Classroom. It is full of features and pages, and can often be overwhelming.

1.) To access your class it should be in a large square underneath Dashboard (yellow)

2.) Any assignments which need to be done will be at the top right corner under To Do (orange)

3.) Returned assignments will be underneath Recent Feedback (red), below To Do

4.) Home (red) will contain any posts the instructor puts. On the right side, it will contain any work to do, along with returned assignments.

5.) Announcements (black) will contain any notes or posts sent out by the instructor.

6.) Any assignment posted can be found under Assignments (gray), including completed ones.

7.) Discussions (maroon) will include prompts meant for students to reply to and converse with each other

8.) Grades (brown) will show what your overall grade is, along with individual grades for assignments

9.) Any person enrolled in the class will be shown in People (yellow), along with groups the instructor may have put you in for group assignments

10.) Pages (pink) holds documents about ?

11.) Any document or image posted can be found in Files (green)

12.) The syllabus from the beginning of a semester will be in Syllabus (orange)

13.) All finished quizzes or tests will be found in Quizzes (dark blue). Comments or answers may be hidden by the instructor

14.) Modules (purple) lets you view your class’ assignments and resources in an organized format, often structured by unit or content type.

15.) Canvas can be connected with your Google account, which means that any document in Google Drive can be attached to an assignment in canvas (light blue)

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